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The Importance of Garage Floor Plans

Choose the wrong flooring and your doomed

If you're thinking of constructing a garage or a carport you'll need to make a plan. I've explained the 4 step process that I believe goes into creating a good plan on the front page of this site. I'm not going to go into more details on that part.

Making Garage Floor Plans

There are a lot of different things that goes into building your own garage and one of them is to design the structure. You'll need walls, ceilings and floors as a bare minimum. You'll probably want to put a significant amount of other stuff into it, but without these three elements the rest isn't going to happen.

When it comes to flooring you'll have a series of options to choose from and much depends on what type of construction you're planning to build and what style you like. Some people like things to be trendy (but useless) while others want practical stuff (that often doesn't look as nice).

Whatever you're looking is fine and I'll go into the different floor options you have in just a second. Before I begin I will however need to stress that doing your garage floor plans before you start the project is an essential part of your success.

Concrete - One of Your Options

Depending on where you live in the world the land that you're building on will be made up of a lot different materials. If it is fill with huge rocks you might not need a strong foundation but if it is moist and sandy you'll face a catastrophe if you don't create that foundation to build upon.

A good foundation is made of concrete and once it is done you're free to use that as the only flooring you'll need. It might not look that nice but it'll do what it is supposed to do. I'll explain a little detail later about why concrete can be a great option.

Tiles - With or Without Heating

Your garage planning can include laying tiles on the floor of the garage and you can end up with both a great looking design as well as a semi-practical solution. Remember to make sure that the tiles can stand the pressure of cars driving and heavy objects being dropped from a few meters.

Concrete Garage Floor
Just as with your bathroom floor you can heat the floor in your garage. If you like to spend time working in the garage you'll enjoy having the floor heated when it gets cold. But the heating bill will naturally increase as a consequence.

Best Garage Floor Plans include Sand

If you're planning to work with greasy things and your car is going to be in the garage I suggest that you spread out a thin layer of sand on the floor. That way you'll be able to remove any oil stains etc. easily as you can just sweep up and then put out some new sand. This can save you from a lot of headache.

The only thing that I suggest that you do not add in your garage is a carpet. Unless of course you're not going to use the building to do greasy things. If you're not going to place your car there and you're not going to do any handyman work in there you'll be fine using a carpet.