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Garage Door Repair- Here is how you fix it

Follow these seven proven steps to repair your garare door

If you're in a situation where your garage door is broken you will need to have either someone fix it for you or do it yourself.

A garage door is made up of two parts. There is the part that opens the door (the mechanics) and the door itself. This article will tell you what you should do in order to fix both of them.

Let's begin with the easy one and that is repairing the door.

How to Repair a Garage Door

Most garage doors use some kind of overhead solution. The two most commonly used solutions are the "roll up" and the "swing up". Both solutions work on a spring tension. On your garage walls you'll find metal tracks in which the door moves, powered by a large robust spring (or multiple springs in some cases). When you're door isn't working as it is supposed to then there are normally six things you can do which are all rather simple and will solve the problem in most cases. So let's dive into these six things:

#1 - Checking the metal tracks

It might be the tracks that are causing the problem so you should go inside the garage to check them. Start out by checking the brackets that mounts the tracks to the wall. If you find that they are either loose or made have pushed a little to the side make sure to adjust them and tighten the screws or bolts.

#2 - Checking for dents

Go into the garage and close the door (make sure to have some light so you can see what you're doing). Check the tracks thoroughly for bumps or dents that they might have gotten. If you find that they have damages of some sort you can straiten them out using a hammer and a block of wood. Depending on the scale of the damage you might need to replace the tracks.

#3 - Check track alignment

There are actually two steps to check here. First you should make sure that the tracks are aligned. This is important for the garage door to roll properly. The second thing is that the horizontal track must be at an angle in which the back of the tracks are positioned slightly lower than the front. If that is not the case you need to loosen the bolts or screws (don't take them out) and adjust the tracks into the correct position.

Before tightening the bolts you should recheck that everything looks perfect. With the roll-up garage doors you will not only have to check that the horizontal part of the tracks are aligned but also that the vertical part is as well. Be sure to check that the bolts or screws are in place before using the door. Otherwise you might make things worse than they were.

#4 - Cleaning the tracks

This might sound obvious but sometimes the problems are caused by dirt in the tracks. Check the tracks and if they are dirty make sure to clean them and dry both the tracks and the rollers up.

#5 - Make the door roll smoothly

You can use oil, grease or even silicone on both the tracks and the rollers to make the door run smoothly. All moveable parts might benefit from some lubricant.

#6 - Tightening what needs tightened

Be sure to check all screws and bolt on the tracks, the plates holding the springs and any other part of the mechanism that has either screws or bolts. If you find that there are damages hinges or any other parts that are damaged beyond repair; replace them.

If you experience sagging it is probably a problem with the hinges. If it isn't the actual mechanics but the garage itself (the wood) be sure to change screws and bolts and fill up cracks or holes in the wood. You can use the so called "wood filler" that, once you let it dry, becomes almost as good a normal wood. If you have the options of moving the bolts so they can be inserted in real wood that definitely is the best option.

#7 - Fixing the springs

Finally the problem might be with the springs that power the door. Maybe they have gone tired and needs replacement or you can move the spring hook further back to extend the life of the spring. It is recommended that you go for changing the springs.

If you have a roll-up garage door you will find a spring cable on a pulley. The way to adjust the tension is to take the cable and pull in through the plate above the door and do the knot to keep the tension.

If your garage door has just one torsion spring at the center do not even try to fix it. Because of the high tension you could get injured and you would be much better of by having a professional help you out.

After going through these seven steps you should have a perfectly working door. If that isn't the case the problem might be with the opener. We'll discuss that in the next article.