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Perfecting Roof Garage Plans

An important aspect of the process when you look into a roof garage plan is to pick out a roof design that best suits your house and adds value to the property.

A Gable Roof design

This is the standard type of garage roof. In this particular style, the roof has two pitched sides (as opposed to flat) that meet in the middle and slope down forming triangle peaked vertical gables. These are especially suitable for a garage designed to stand all types of weather as heavy rain and snow will slide to the ground off the gable roof leaving little room for leaks and deterioration caused by trapped moisture. Two or three car garages typical use large gables where you can include windows and shutters in the facade to match the design of your home.

There are also variations of the standard gable roof such as the Dutch gable roof - where each side is elegantly sculpted and bordered by a pediment, a Gambrel roof - if you're thinking of adding a room above your garage or additional storage space, a Shed roof - which is a separate roof that begins at the eaves and broadens over a storage area at a flatter angle or a Cross gable roof - where two gable roofs are built perpendicular to each other.

Another variation is the Reverse gable roof where the triangle shaped gables don't face the front, but instead face the sides. This sort of design is mainly used when trying to accommodate the lot size of your garage alongside a street. For instance, if the gable of the garage is in line with the garage of the main house, the driveway to your home can come in directly from the street.

Use a roof garage plan with a gable roof design if you want a sophisticated yet versatile roof that is durable through any weather.

Hip roof garage designs

If you need a roof garage plan that is both strong and stylish, a Hip roof style will suit you ideally. When a garage structure is built with extra capacity for storage, a hip roof comes in handy with its pitched 4 sided roof that slope down at a gentle angle. The lines at which any two adjoining surfaces meet are called the 'hips'. Wooden beams fortify a Hip roof from beneath and they are by far the sturdiest of all garage roof designs.

There are variations to Hip roofs as well. The Pyramid roof is one where all the surfaces of the roof are equal in size and connect at the centre. In a Cross-hip roof, the roof extends across several segments, each with its own hip. The Mansard roof slopes down at two different angles, one steep and the other gentler.

However, bear in mind when considering your roof garage plan that this type of roof is not very common because the roof line is a complex one to frame and it offers much less space for a loft above the garage.