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Plan City Garage – Get a Garage in the City

When you plan a city garage, you must decide if your garage will be attached or detached. There are a number of considerations to take notice of when making that decision. In this article, I explore these areas on deciding between attached or detached.

Design specifications

Attached garages normally match the exterior design of your home, but you will need to make choices, such as, garage size, single or multiple garage doors, garage door openers, number and location of electrical outlets, central vacuum outlet, telephone outlet, amount of storage space, and lighting -- especially if you incorporate a work area.

Detached garages have the same considerations as above; plus a few more. You must make certain that the exterior design of your detached garage compliment your home. You must position the detached garage on your area so as to afford the best access to and from your home and the street. You must not forget other utilities, like telephone and electrical lines. Protective conduits should be used to cover them.

Intended use

Most garages, attached or detached, are used to park the homeowner’s vehicles, for yard storage, and perhaps will include a work area. If you plan on automobile maintenance or major hobbies, then these will affect your decision on the type of garage you select.

Code Requirements

The majority of cities and towns have developed building code requirements covering the construction of attached and detached garages. The reader is strongly encouraged to check with the local officials for code and permit requirements. Also, there may be a subdivision deed restriction that affects the decision. Generally, your builder can assist you with requirements, permits, and restrictions; these are important factor for your planning of a city garage.

Cost of your Garage

There are many factors which affect the cost of your garage. If you hire a general contractor, he will manage the construction of your attached garage. However, to save money, you may choose to have the contractor build your home and handle the construction of a detached garage yourself.

If so, you will need quotes for excavation, form setting, concrete, carpentry, roofing, electrical, siding and any masonry, etc. When taking on a project manually to save money, always consider the value or your time and the stress involved. Also, an attached garage can reduce your construction cost, since one or perhaps two of the walls will be common to the interior walls of your home.

Health Considerations

Attached garages have a health consideration that is not generally found with detached garages. Studies have revealed that fumes from assorted items can infiltrate the home from an attached garage. For example, automobile exhaust, fumes from gasoline for lawn snow equipment, and chemicals for gardens, etc. can infiltrate the basement. If you are sensitive to pollutants, as most of us are, then this will be a major consideration when you plan a city garage to be detached or attached.

With the above all said home owners can now plan their city garage to be attached or unattached according to their preference and city regulations.