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How To Plan a Garage – The Garage Builder Guide

Adding a garage to your property is a considerable decision. There are so many things to take into account including the size of the garage, deciding if it should be attached or detached, deciding its purpose and including air conditioning or heating, amenities such as a sink or toilet if you want to turn the space above into a loft.

The first step therefore in selecting the exterior when you plan a garage is to settle on your needs. You may only have use for a three car garage space; however you might also want to consider consulting with a real estate agent when you plan a garage. This will help you keep in mind that whatever decisions you make now will have to take into consideration you property’s re-sale value in the future.

Next, when you plan a garage, plan out your budget: make a realistic analysis on how much a well built garage will cost you and if you have the necessary funds. Make use of professional help to draw up a plan not only for a structurally sturdy garage but also for the materials that will be needed. Here are a few essentials of your garage’s exterior that need thinking about before you get started.

Garage door

When you plan a garage exterior, the doors of the garage should be considered with care. It is the doors that will give your structure flair and affect the overall impact of your garage. The doors will need to complement the architectural design of the main house but it will also need to be secure and efficient. For instance, is it a metal garage door that you would want for extra security at a higher cost Or a simple wood garage door?

You can also opt for a glass reinforced plastic door for sturdiness at a relatively inexpensive cost. There’s also a choice to make between garage doors that swing-up, garage doors that are hinged on the side, or ones that are heavily insulated.


Not only must you plan a garage where the shape and design of the roof match the style of your home, be it a standard gable roof or a hip roof, but the roof shingles that are used should also be of the same material and shade as those used for the main house.


Bear in mind that the windows as well should complement the entire building, that is, they should match the designs used for the main house. However, this might make it a tricky decision when you plan a garage as a garage would normally store not only vehicles but other valuables that are too big and messy to leave in the house, such as lawnmowers and vacuums. Therefore, you will also need to consider security with windows so that they don’t become the proverbial chink in the armour.

Would you want a lot of natural light? : In which case it would be advised to place the windows at a higher elevation. Windows of plastic or acrylic would make your windows more opaque while still allowing in some light.

So, bottom line is - do your homework thoroughly. Fortunately, there are ample sites that offer you valuable advice helping you to plan a garage. After all, planning a garage is not a daunting task as it appears.