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Loft Garage Plans Made Easy

Loft garage plans are solutions for cluttered, crowded and messy garages. Most garages without adequate and inappropriate planning are disorderly maintained. By introducing a loft in garage, a mere parking space for vehicles can be converted into an extension of the house with adequate storage space.

A garage loft is a storage space inside a garage, by utilising the ceiling space and the garage walls. Garage loft works on the idea of using up excess space above the roof of vehicle. As of rules, the higher the garage ceiling, the bigger the storage capacity. By adopting a well suited garage loft through proper planning, the space availability can be maximised and space utility can be optimised.

Planning Loft Garage

Maximum capacity of a garage comes out only after the set up of a planned garage loft. The planning for a loft garage can be done either prior to construction of garage or as a modification to existing garage without loft. Depending on the structural capacity and configuration of garage, a loft can be installed in garage. Loft garage plan adds efficiency and convenience in storage and spacing.

Designing a Loft Garage

Loft garage plans are of versatile designs suitable for all types, sizes, and shapes of garages. A well drafted loft garage plan never interferes with the garage door, parking space and the windshield of vehicle. Proper planning being the first step to better organisation and space management, a prioritisation has to be done as to, for what purpose shall be the space be utilised, for whom shall it be of better use, what all items need to be placed and so on.

Space has to be organised and allocated according to the frequency of use of items. This facilitates accessibility, order and neatness. It also reduces the hazels of rearrangement and misplacements. Accessories like hooks, pegs, crates, dowels and colour coded storage bins can be added to garage lofts to make it more explicit and articulate.

Utility of Loft Garage

Garage lofts are ideally used for storing items that are not in use on a day to day basis. With a creative mind and modest efforts, the extra storage space in upper level of loft can be served in a variety of ways like work area for tools, old stuff storage area, hobby/craft area, storage space for additional items of seasonal use like holiday decors, hazardous substances that has to be kept out of children's hands, gardening equipments etc. Introducing and implementing a loft garage plan converts a cluttered chaotic garage into a neater, organised and efficient storage space.

Advantage and Alerts in Loft Garage Plan

In a garage with a tall ceiling, a loft looks and functions like an entirely new second level floor. Usually garage lofts are reasonably strong to hold over 1000 lbs of weight. But for making an organised and effective storage system, a proper loft garage plan has to be chosen and mounted with perfection.