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Garage Storage Plan – For Maximum Storage Capacity

Normally, how do you use your garage? You might be raising an eyebrow on the question that I have asked. Well, it’s not as silly as it appears to be. Yes, everybody knows that we keep our vehicles in the garage but what else? Just think one of the biggest IT companies in the world- Microsoft had its first office in a home garage. That means some of the people are already using for more than one purpose. Hence, it becomes significant to enhance the effective space with proper garage storage plan.

Does your garage serve multiple purposes?

Your garage can be a place to keep a lot many things, which might include your tools, some broken furniture, some non-functioning appliances, laundry… anything. Now if you go to your home garage and check it, you will realize what I mean to say.

But most of the times, we just keep the things in the garage in a haphazard manner. Most of the people don’t plan how to store the things in garage and the just keep them there. This results in keeping of things in an unorganised manner, which creates problems when you have to find them again. If the trend continues, the garage from inside looks likes a junkyard.

Since, every now and then we have to go there, putting something or taking it out, its better that we have the garage storage plan so that there is optimum utilization of the space and it becomes convenient to locate something there.

Use Shelves

There are so many things that can be placed in shelves if those are mounted in the garage. These shelves can be very convenient to use and it becomes very easy to locate any thing placed on these shelves. They don’t occupy much of the space at the same time add to the space. The floor area will be freed and you will be able to make better utilization of that.

Similarly, certain things, if placed in containers, are easy to find and are not scattered here and there. That way, they take less of the space. Hence use of containers also results in freeing the floor from unnecessary clutter.

Choosing storage cabinets

You might be keeping certain hazardous things in your house e.g. insecticides, paints etc. There might also be some tools with sharp edges. Now these things need to be kept away from the reach of the children. If you can have storage cabinets in your garage, then these things can be placed in those cabinets under lock and key, thus adding to safety.

While choosing storage cabinets, you have to consider different parameters. Durability of the material used to build cabinets is perhaps the most important one. Another important factor you should consider is shape of your garage and the shape of cabinet. The cabinet should fit perfectly in the corner thus giving more open space for other activities.

Thus by following these small tips, you can really add more room to your garage and make it look better organized and spacious. Efficient garage storage plan is the synonym for value addition to your home.