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Garage Plan Loft – Adding Extra Space to Your Home

One day while walking into garage, you realize that your garage is not a pleasant sight to see. You have been over stuffing your garage with all the excess items you own. Now your car looks like out of place and there is no place for you to move around to do the little bit of tinkering stuff.

What can you do in such situation? Well, you may get exhausted trying to find the solution, and you might be ready to give up!! But wait; why not use the empty ceiling that is there in the garage? Now, do not think I am trying to be funny. Why not consider a garage plan loft? When done properly, you can have a beautiful storage place where you can store all the stacks of item lying around your garage. Whoever came up with the solution of garage loft for the first time must have used everything before he stuck with this brilliant idea!

For starters, garage plan loft is simply a storing space, which you design in order to have extra storing compartments when you run out of floor space. You can have your loft built using a simple garage plan loft without altering the appearance of the garage. If you want a grand design, you can alter your garage and create a second floor which will act like the loft.

Go for simple design

If you are planning to do the garage loft, let’s face it… Grand design is not for you.

First, unless you are a contractor, there are high chances that you will never be able to pull this off the way you like it.

To raise your ceiling, you need a building permit. That means you should know all the legal issues regarding construction norms.

Garage plan loft construction requires a lot of time and manpower and if you are just looking to have a small storage place then you are wasting your time by altering the garage.

Going for a grand design means a costly affair. If you are looking for something to be light on your pocket then this design is not for you.

This leaves us with the simple design, as it suggests it is simple to do, you can pull it off and the cost is less. Well, here are few tips on how to design a simple garage plan loft by you:

First, you need a plan for garage loft. You need to know for what exactly you are building your garage loft. How much weight it needs to bear, how much clear space you need for your car, and what design will be suitable functionally as well aesthetically.

As I said earlier, your design should match your needs and most importantly your design should provide sufficient place for the hood of the car to drive under. Remember garage is primarily meant for car.

Structural strength matters most. You should always know how strong your loft should be. If you know the amount of weight your loft should bear then you will have a clear idea how strong your loft should be. This is very important in order to avoid any future damage or collapse of such loft.

Search thoroughly for the possible availability of material. There are numerous options like wood or steel. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.