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Garage Plan Design – Designs for Special Garages

These days garages have become much more than simple parking areas for your car. As the need of additional space grows, more and more families choose to use their garage for some additional purpose: as laundry, workshop, and even as additional living space! People also choose to re-design their garage simply to accommodate an additional car.

If you intend designing your own garage floor plan, do not despair: Creating your own garage plan design is easier than you may think.

Design softwares

With some creativity, a fair deal of computer and design savvy, you can easily access and use a huge number of software and online tools that allow you, among other things, to design a garage floor plan to suit your needs and to preview the end product from various angles.

Start by running a search for design software. This will give you a fair idea of the choice available online before making up your mind. Naturally, it’s not always a good idea to go for professional design tools – which may demand from you some degree of learning curve before using them. Go for the simple, made-for-people-like-you-and-me services. Some of these services offer online tools which allow you, at a fee, to create garage plan design, with inside and outside previews of the garage design. One such service even allows you to import onto its service and get a 3D preview, garage plans you designed elsewhere.

Free design plans and advice

If you have time, and provided you know where to look, there are also number of good sites, offering free design advices and garage blueprints. Many such sites offer a great variety of different garage floor plans to choose from: You'll find plans for single garage designs, garages with workshops plans, and even floor plans for garages doubling as living space!

Build It Yourself

Another option (which you should try out only if you have the necessary time and a bit of know-how) is not simply design your own garage floor, but also to… build it yourself! There are a number of garage building kits available on the internet. They are usually made of high quality galvanized steel and normally come with an instruction manual and even some tooling to assist in the building. They are shipped to you ready to be assembled and a typical job takes about two to three days. I advise you to secure enough man power before going out and buying one of these kits. The actual assembly work may be substantially more than you expect. Remember that you may need to lay the foundations before actually putting up the steel components.

Hiring experts

If the idea of assembling your own garage does not sound that tempting after all, there is still the option of hiring the services of a prefab specialist. Many of these offer you the entire package: from creating a garage plan design to suit your needs, to building it for you and setting up the shelving, racks and cabinets. They normally also offer useful advice on how to maximize your garage space.