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Garage House Plan – Combine House and Garage

This can be a tricky decision for even the most discerning of homeowners. The right choice can escalate the value of your property and also add that extra sophistication to your home.

What size and design will suit best?

The first step to picking out the right garage house plan is to start right at the beginning by measuring the size of your car. If you pick a garage house plan that doesn’t quite wrap around the dimensions of your vehicles, you’re just going to end up with a bit of extra space at every angle that can’t be utilized for a specific functional purpose apart from having a great roomy area to swing your legs when you get into the car!

Next, think of what you plan to do with any extra space. Will it only be for housing your cars? Or will you also utilize it to store all that stuff you’ve stuffed under your bed and on top of the closet? Do you want to have a room above the garage to use when you need the extra accommodation? Would you want to turn the garage into a little sanctuary, as a workshop or exercising space as well – someplace you can get away to for some time on your own?

Finally, consider what other essential features you would need in a garage. If your vehicles or the equipment you plan on storing is of high value, you might want to invest in added security features, if you plan on installing a workbench, extra electricity points and a utility sink would be invaluable. Knowing the answers to these 3 questions will help you gauge the relative size of garage house plan best suited for you.

How far will a garage house plan dig into my wallet?

Unfortunately, there’s no one size/cost fits all. It all depends on what you propose to do with your garage, as discussed above, and how decorative you want it to be. The real advantage to picking the ideal and most spacious garage house plan is the added resale value. With the quality of life improving and more and more members of a household owning cars, the demand for homes roomy garage will definitely be on the rise in the near future. Also, having that extra-storage space will replace your need to purchase storage gear or rent storage space elsewhere.

Once you have your plan figured out, don’t try to cut corners too much. If your garage planner tells you that the width between the wall and the car needs to be at a comfortable minimum of 30”-35” or so, you can probably trust that he’s trying to give you your money’s worth. Sticking to the standard measurements will save you time and money in the future and will make it easier for further expansions and add-ons.

The right garage house plan will make all the difference to your property.