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Garage Floor Plan – Flooring for Garages

Many people who want to design their own garage floor plan often wonder what flooring material to be used. The normal flooring used for an ordinary garage is often unsuitable when you decide to convert it into an office or even a living space.

The flooring

Garage floor can be made of stone, tiles, wood, vinyl etc. The options are very wide, so your taste and the whole interior design will dictate what sort of flooring to go for.

Concrete flooring

The most used flooring material is concrete. A lot of people prefer it because it is durable. But while concrete is okay for traditional garages, many choose to put down a carpet over it. I personally don’t favour carpets: they take more time to clean and maintain, compared to other flooring options.

Tile flooring

Another popular option is to use tiles for your garage flooring. Tiles that are in general used for normal garages (intended only for car parking) are often 12" square heavy duty tiles designed to bear your car’s weight. If you are turning your garage into a living space, you probably will use more stylish tiles.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is also great for flooring, especially if your garage is being converted into a workshop. Because they are no-porous, vinyl mats are good against corrosive chemicals such as antifreeze, oil, salt and battery acid which usually damage concrete floors. They are also pretty easy to install and move.

Wood flooring

Finally, wood is also a great choice. They are easy to clean, fairly durable and can integrate well with your interior design. I personally like the retro look that wooden floors create.

The type of floor coating to be used for your garage floor plan depends a lot on the area you live in. If you are in a hot a humid region, you will need to order coatings that are resistant to both heat and humidity. The choice of your flooring material can also influence the type of heating system to be used, and this takes me to my next point.

Remember the Heating

As garage heating system, I strongly recommend radiant in-floor heating. It is a form of central heating which produces heat by circulating heated water or by electric cable, mesh, or film heaters directly under your floor. Great advantage is that this system can be used with concrete as well as wooden floors. The heating performance can however be influenced by the flooring material you use. Heating your garage apartment with a radiant floor heating system has a lot of benefits. Among its many advantages, this system not only is an energy saving option, it also heats evenly every area of the room.

Underfloor heating is a very aesthetic heating option too: it is invisible and it doesn’t take up valuable space: your entire floor is a radiator so to speak.

In conclusion, the type of flooring you use will probably have a great influence in the final look and atmosphere of your garage apartment. In the design of your garage floor plan, try to balance between aesthetics, durability and ease of maintenance.