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When it comes to deciding on your garage door plan, you have a lot of options especially if you have a detached garage. Garages that are built into the house generally have to blend in so you do not have much freedom, they will either be black and white. This is not to say that you cannot have yours purple or even yellow if you want. It just means that it may detract from your house should you want to sell it.

If you have a separate external garage then you can choose from a lot more options for instance, you can have two garage doors or one large one. It can be made from wood or metal, there can be a pattern on it, it can be black, white, blue, yellow, you name it!

Working with Architects

When your architect comes round to plan your garage with you and discusses the size and layout you require, he will also generally ask how you want it to look aesthetically because he is also responsible for that. This is the point when you need to make the decision on whether to have one or two garage doors. The garage door plan cannot be altered once the blueprint has been drawn up unless you want to double the amount of money you have spent and get a new one done.

If you have two cars and a family then you are probably better getting two garage doors as you can bring one car out at a time without having to open a huge door. The one door option is generally for people who own one car and want to store a lot of items in their garage or somebody who has a truck or van. They need a wider opening for these vehicles and so the one door suits it better.

Garage door electronics

There is a wide range of garage door electronics available nowadays. You used to have to get out of your car and lift the garage door up yourself before you entered and then get out of the car and shut it behind you. Rather than this, you could choose an automatic door opened so you get out of your car press a button and the door opens for you. This way you do not have to worry about ruining your back!

You could also go for the third option, which is a remote garage door opener so you can drive up, press a button and the door will open from the comfort of your own car, you are then able to drive in and the door will shut behind you. These remote openers work in the same way that electronic gates do when you enter your house. The only problem with this is it tends to make the garage a lot more expensive but you will definitely prefer it than having to put up with the manual way on those cold winter days.