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Need a Garage Building Plan? – Building a Garage Takes Skills

Making an addition of your garage is a great home-improvement plan. You can use the added portion in a number of ways. But before you can construct a garage addition, you must first make a plan and estimate costs.

First and foremost, create a garage building plan that would perfectly blend with the rest of your house. Before designing a large garage, you must consider the proportion of the size of your house to that of your garage. If you want your home and garage to look great from the road, your must see that your garage is not more than two-thirds the length of your house. Otherwise, your garage will look larger. However, the width of your garage doesn’t make much of a difference to what it looks like from the road.

You can get down to action after creating your design. An architect will help you with complex designs, but if your design is simple, you can work on it yourself. Your garage building plan must include various architectural features such as dimensions, cross-sectional views of construction, and bill of materials. Your cross-sectional views must include the entire building from footing to roof top. You must carefully include all the new transitions from the footing, such as the sill/foundation plate transition, the foundation/footing transition, and the roof rafter/wall transition. A comprehensive bill of material is a must. Your plan sketch must also include setbacks and property lines.

The cost estimates of constructing your garage addition depends on the contractor. If you don’t hire a contractor, you must create a bill of materials right from your designing phase. A home improvement store can give you pricing information for each item of material you require. For specialty items such as garage doors, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and garage door openers, approach specialty stores that will provide the prices. Subcontractors can provide the prices of particular units.

Even if you act as your own contractor, you need subcontractors. You must provide your subcontractors with a copy of the garage building plan as well as a building schedule. The subcontractors will then be able to give you a cost estimate of their part of the job. Your subcontractor’s bid must include the dates of commencement and completion for their particular job.

Once the planning and cost estimation phases of your garage building project are completed, you can move on to the phase of getting permits and fixing a fairly accurate construction schedule. Once your permits are approved, you can begin constructing your garage addition. Even the most carefully laid out schedules can go haywire, so make plenty of allowances for change. Make you plans well in advance.

Three factors go into the successful implementation of your garage building plan—advance planning, proper cost estimation, and accurate scheduling.