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Car Garage Plan - How To Build A Garage

Only with a car garage plan will you be able to construct your own garage without getting into serious trouble.

Just like rest of your house, your car garage plan reflects how organized and tasteful person you are. In most homes, the garage is the most neglected area and is often used as a dumping ground for all those objects that are rarely used. As such it's so cluttered that one hardly finds any space to move around. Your vehicles, bicycles, inline skates, surfboards, skateboards, rowing boats, camping equipments, shoe racks, broken furniture, appliances and power tools are some of the things that take up all the space. Could it be a good idea to clean up and start doing some decorations?

Concept of decoration starts with drawing
Do you think is hard? No it's as easy as snapping your fingers. Sit down and draw the dimensions of the garage. See how much space is required for cars. Rest of the space, we are going to utilize. "Wait a minutes", you may say, "I have so many other things also. Where should I place them?" Let me tell you! All you have to do is to use hooks and pulleys on the ceiling. All these things like the boat, the bicycle, and the camping equipment etc. can be managed on the ceiling. If done right you'll now begin to see a lot of space and it is all because of your car garage plan.

Let's start working on it without wasting any more time. You can add good prefabricated fixtures like cabinets, racks and wall mounted shelves to keep rest of the items lying of the floor. Once the floor area is free, you can start decorating it.

You may start with the flooring; add some nice colours to the walls, put some spot lighting or special lightings in the area used for sitting and a maybe even add a few wall pictures.

Defining separate sections
You may create a separate section in your car garage plan by stylishly placing high cabinets on the two open sides of a corner and thus covering it. On the third side, you create an entrance; place a counter and a couple of high stools to give it look of a bar counter. Don't forget to add a wheel and anchor on the walls of your small bar.

Depending upon the space, you can also create a work area by placing a long but less wide table along one of the walls. Shelves over it can be used to store office stationery. Add a contemporary side lamp to enhance the elegance. You can use some of your old furniture for the seating arrangement.

Endless possibilities
There are so many possibilities. The only thing is that you have to craft a car garage plan before starting anything and then decide your budget. Even with a small budget you can make it look very well organized and nicely decorated. However, if you are ready to invest in some new furniture, specially designed for the modern garages, then it will add to the looks of your place.