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Apartment Garage Plans – Apartments in Your Garage

Good apartment garage plans adds value and extra space to your home. A number of people have used the extra space for storage purposes, as workshop, or even as office. Many families have even used the garage space as a rental unit. Finding a good design that suits your requirements takes time and effort. However, is it ultimately a rewarding option especially if you are constantly running out of space in your home.

How do you add extra value to your home using a great garage design?

The building location for your garage

That is often the first question you need to answer: where you intend building your garage. Many people choose to build their garage either in front or on the side of their house. In any case, a garage and its driveway should be easily accessible. It is also useful to check your local city building requirements. Most cities will require you to obtain a special building permit.

Other aspects to consider before re-designing your garage, are security considerations (for instance, if you intend placing outside stairs), as well as insurance aspects of adding an extra unit to your home.

The size of your garage

Once you have answered “where”, you then need to know your actual space needs. This normally determines the design and size of apartment garage plans.

Large families often find it useful to use the added space as an extra bedroom or a kitchen. If that is your intention, you may want to provide a direct access between your house and the garage apartment by adding a door between them. An advantage of this design is that the space, after a few modifications, may be rented out once the kids move out.

Others re-design their existing garage with the intention of using it to earn rental income. If you plan turning your garage into a permanent living space, then you will need to carefully choose the building material to be used: for instance, a galvanized prefab garage may not be suitable here, while wood or concrete will be perfect. You will also need to remember providing such facilities as an extra parking for your tenant.

Remember the interior

The interior of an apartment garage is normally determined by its future use. It is often easy to use optimally the available space by keeping the furniture simple and space-efficient. Use as much space as possible above and on the sides by intelligently placing wall shelves and cabinets. You can also use retractable chairs and tables to gain as much space as possible.

Finally, and if you have some extra budget for it, you may hire the services of an interior designer who will provide you with useful ideas on how to maximize the available space. There are a huge number of good apartment garage plans and blueprints available on the internet. Check a few of them and pick the one that best corresponds to your needs.