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Apartment Garage Plan – Use a Garage as an Apartment

These days, people around the country are coming up with an unexpected source of extra income for their household: they simply turn their garage into apartments and lease them out.

Then again, why not? Most garages are still simply boring repositories for the family car. Even if you are not interested to rent out your garage, you may still turn it into an office area or some other productive use. An apartment garage plan is really easy to design, and with a bit of know-how, to build.

What is it for?

What will the re-redesigned garage are used for? Garages can be used to store gardening tools, to keep old books, as a workshop, an office or even as an additional room for the boys. With a bit of imagination, there is probably no limit to the good uses to get out of your garage. Once you know exactly what you intend using your garage for, you are in a better position to design your garage layout.

If you plan to use your garage as storage space, you will need to use the wall shelves to accommodate your home and gardening tools like the lawnmower, brooms, hoses, shoes etc. It is a good idea to group these in categories, based on the frequency of their use: the most used items should be easily accessible. Try to gain as much space as possible on the floor, on the wall and even on the ceiling. A good way to achieve this is to put up a few shelves, hooks or a workstation.

For garage apartment plans, it is a good idea, if your garage is located next to your house, to create a direct communicating door between them. Depending on the space available you may even turn it into a whole separate space with its own kitchen, a bathroom and a couple of rooms.

Can I do it myself?

If the idea sounds interesting, you may choose to hire the service of a prefab contractor to build an apartment garage for you. While their technical expertise is valuable, designing your own garage plan is easy, provided you apply some basic design factors.

In general, an apartment garage plan should provide for one or two doors and depending on the number of rooms, a few windows too.

What about the budget?

Once you know exactly what suits you best, you will need to work out the financial implications. The cost of building per square foot depends on where you live and the material you will be using. Most design plans will cost anything between ₤50 and ₤200.

The building materials

The building materials to use also play a significant role in the cost of your garage apartment. I have found that prefabricated kits that come with an instruction manual often cost less.

Remember too to take into account aesthetic considerations. A good apartment garage plan should not only look nice on paper, but it should also be practical and usable once build.