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3 Car Garage Plans – Room for Three Cars

3 Car Garage Plans are have come into the market relatively recently. In fact, only as recent as the 1950’s, garages were built only to house just one vehicle. A vast majority of houses in that by-gone era were built in this style.

However, in the present day, very often, households own not just one car, but sometimes a car for every member of the family – and thus came about the need for 3 car garage plans.

Studies have shown that most home owners prefer 3 car garage plans because the design puts forward the opportunity for that much needed extra storage area. 3 car garages can typically hold not only vehicles but also garden equipment, heavy duty motored apparatus such as lawn mowers and sports gear.

Features of your typical modern 3 car garage plans

As houses grow large, so do garages and the new designs of 3 car garage plans have become more urbane , catering to all types of homes in different and elaborate models , exemplifying the status and taste of the household within. The plans often include built-in storage systems and extensive shelving structures. Various amenities such as sinks and table-tops for a workshop space can also be part of your customized 3 car garage plan.

Seeing as how many homeowners consider their garage to be the extra limb of the anatomy of their house, 3 car garage plans also include features that make them almost a second home, with lavatories built-in and heating/air conditioning as well.

The best thing about a 3 car garage plan is that the amble building space gives you the choice of also putting up an extra room above the garage - you can use it as an emergency room to let, or accommodation for extra guests, as an attic, playroom or as a bedroom for your domestic aides. This sort of flexibility has made 3 car garage plans a trendy option for the modern house.

Typical designs to complement your house

A wide range of architectural styles can influence your 3 car garage plan from country styles to classic periodic designs. The façade can feature decorative shutters or can also sport a porch for a more polished look. Roof structures can vary as well as garage door options. Roofs can be customized as gables or hips.

You can opt for several small garage doors or a single overhead entry/exit. A 3 car garage plan can also provide the structure for a small service door to connect the main portion of the house to the garage. Adorning your garage with a few windows can also result in a sophisticated look while a deep bay space at the back can also double as the ideal space for storage of large equipment.

A 3 car garage plan can add value and style to any property and some time spent on researching your local providers will reveal that investing in a 3 car garage plan will not cost you exorbitantly more than a smaller garage.