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2 Car Garage Plans - Easy 5 step Process

Creating a good plan for a garage that can accommodate two cars is challenging; but you can create an excellent 2 car garage plan in just five simple steps.

1. Envision Your New Two Car Garage
You must carefully examine your completed garage in your mind's eye before trying to draw up the plans for it. While you may dream as much as you like, see that they can be put to practical use and are easily assessable. How large you want your garage to be depends on your personal taste and requirements. It also depends on the size of the cars you want to keep there and the other uses you wish to make of your garage. To make it easy on you take a pen and some paper and write everything that comes to mind down.

Once you are sure about all the aspects, you can start measuring and planning. Designing a garage is not as simple as doodling or drawing an imaginary item. You must take into consideration exact measurements. It takes careful measurements to make your plans clear cut and well defined It is okay to get inspiration from other 2 car garage plans if you have such drawings available.

2. Empty Your Existing Garage
If you are just planning to reconstruct an existing garage, you must first empty it. Emptying your old garage makes planning a new one easier. Once you have cleared out your existing garage, you will get a much clearer idea of how big it really is and exactly how much of extra space you need to add to make it a two-car garage.

3. Spend Enough Time
Once you are clear about what your two-car garage should look like, you will have to figure out various ways to solve the problems you'll most likely encounter along the way. In order to make functional 2 car garage plans, we encourage you to enlist the aid of professionals.

If you try planning your garage yourself, you might encounter technical problems related to measurements, dimensions, and so on. You could research this yourself, approach experts or even go online and select professional services that can provide you with any number of plans and designs for a two-car garage. Paying attention to each and every detail of your garage plan is very important. Even if you fail to create the proper plan, you can take credit for the original idea, since you envisioned it.

While making your plans, you must consider the budget too. In addition to making a plan, you should make a list of more affordable options since you might be surprised when you find out what the materials you had envisioned actually costs.

4. Choosing Your Tools
Drawing 2 car garage plans requires the use of many tools, and you should know how to use them properly. You can use your drawing board and other traditional drawing instruments to sketch the plan, its different elevations and sections. Today, with help of softwares like AutoCAD and 3DPlans, you can create your drawings with a lot of layers and other details using just your pc. It is provided that you have the knowledge to use these programs and often they're not that easy to use if you have never tried it before. In addition, there are lots of custom design software available online to use.

5. Proceed with Your Plans
You have successfully finished the two-car garage plans. Now you must start constructing your garage. During the construction process, you might need to consult your plans every now and then. If you want to be absolutely sure that everything is okay then go see a specialist and get their opinion on your plans.