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2 Car Garage Plan - How To House 2 Cars

There is nothing like a 2 garage plan to add to the perfection of a house. A garage is hardly ever just an awning above the car. It is a multi-purpose living presence in most homes, where it doubles as a workshop or a storehouse. Of all the options available for putting up a garage plan for two cars, the one that seems to have caught the fancy of most are the steel garages.

The advantages of steel garage

A steel garage is not very expensive, can be put together easily, and is adaptable, with enough space inside to store a boat or a truck. Maybe it does not allow a person to include a couple of rooms in a garage. Still, a steel garage allows one to add a 2 garage plan to the house in a compact way. A 2 garage plan built in any of the conventional ways will cost 40 percent more than the steel garage method. Further, the steel garage leaves the owner free to furnish the garage with other trappings like roof, doors or windows according to personal predilections.

Requirements of the residing family should be the primary criteria in zeroing in on a proper 2 garage plan. The location of the garage should be decided in relation to the location of the house in the property. Proximity to the house will make it easier to take water and electricity connection. And a garage, whether it is a 2 garage plan or not, has to be directly connected to the driveway. One that is attached to the house fits the bill perfectly in most cases. A restricting factor in this plan could be some dampness on the land. Also, a person has to make sure that he is not violating any of the local zoning regulations or building rules.

Erecting a steel garage

The steel garages, which one can use for the 2 garage plan, always come with the full set of instructions to assemble it. Even every tool that is needed would be listed. A person with reasonable expertise must be able to do it himself though there is always the option of hiring a contractor to do the job. Anyway, a person who opts to do it himself must get the tools first. Whether he chooses to buy the tools or rent it, he must have it by his side before he starts work.

While erecting a steel garage plan for two cars, markings on the excavated area should be precise. Those with limited expertise are advised to seek the help of a builder to prepare the foundation with anchor bolts.

Walls are raised after preparing the foundation. Even those who know the job would be looking for some help, since it is a laborious process. The wall has to be held very erect, positioning it accurately aligned with the bottom.

Fitting the roof should not be delayed since exposure to sun and rain can spoil the interiors of the garage. Placing the roof truss also has to be done cautiously since they have to be fully upright to be able to take the load. Placing roofing material above, which can be particleboard or polyurethane, completes the job.

Step-by-step guidance is always available for erecting a person’s choice garage plan in steel. Most people choose to go in for their own customized version of a 2 garage plan. But whether the garage is tailored to suit special needs or not, there is ready help obtainable at all times in the form guidelines, tools, walls, materials and required assistance.